Mission Renewables has assembled an experienced management team with diversified business and operational backgrounds in the building materials, manufacturing, construction and demolition waste, forestry, biomass energy and new carbon economy sectors. The team has a proven track record in the finance, growth and development of successful companies.

Fred Clarke - COO, Director
Mr. Clarke is a senior manager with The Clarke Group of Companies, and is fourth generation in the family business. Fred has more than 10 years experience working for the Clarke Group in different management positions, and successfully running his own companies.

He has extensive experience with materials handling, heavy equipment, production crews and solid waste materials. For example, Mr. Clarke recently ran a wood products company and production crew of 35 men.

Mr. Clarke has extensive experience in the construction and demolition waste business. Fred owns a land clearing and demolition company. In addition to land clearing, the company specializes in industrial demolition and hazardous waste cleanup.

Fred has experience in sales and marketing of forest products, was responsible for sales at the Clarke Group's Portland Oregon operation. He is knowledgeable in the wood waste products market.

Mr. Clarke initiated the MRI business from the initial concept. He has undertaken extensive research into solid waste material composition, equipment requirements, different uses of recyclables and their markets. Mr. Clarke has extensive contacts for waste haulage companies, purchasers of recycled material and process engineered fuels.

Mr. Clarke is the Chief Operating Officer for MRI and will oversee the solid waste management operations.

Scott Clarke - Director
Mr. Clarke is President and CEO at The Clarke Group of Companies, which manufacture high end building materials for distribution worldwide. He has been active in all aspects of the group including manufacturing, marketing and finances. Mr. Clarke has been successful in raising well over $100,000,000 via IPO, private placements, bond and conventional financing for the various ventures he has been involved with.

Mr. Clarke is an innovative business leader with success starting companies from the ground up. Mr. Clarke draws on many years of operational experience directing industrial operations at The Clarke Group of Companies, and is well versed with the requirements for creating a successful business venture. Mr. Clarke attended college for business administration and resides in Mission BC.

Mr. Clarke was instrumental in securing the key requirements for a solid waste management facility, including the Solid Waste Management Permit (authorization from the Fraser Valley Regional District) and the industrial land. He has extensive contacts for additional wood waste feedstock and pine beetle wood for Phase II bioenergy products.

Gordon Wark - CFO
Mr. Wark is the Chief Financial Officer of Mission Renewables Inc. He has served since 2005 as the Corporate Controller of the Clarke Group of Companies in Mission, B.C., a diverse Group of privately held manufacturing and processing companies.

Since February 1989, Mr. Wark has worked for the Clarke Group of Companies when he was appointed as Divisional Controller of Interpac Log & Lumber Ltd., a then startup company established to market Clarke Group logging production and to provide Custom Cut services to several offshore clients. Mr. Wark established and managed all accounting protocols and systems for Interpac, a company which reached an annual sales peak of $86 Million.

Mr. Wark has 26 years experience in accounting and reporting and received his professional designation with the Certified General Accountants Association of British Columbia in February 1996.